About Us

Ping's Café Orient is a healthy and wholesome urban Asian Brasserie in Lodhi Colony Market. Bringing freshness and originality to South east Asian street food, Pings Café Orient offers diners a curated menu of authentic south east asian delights, served in the way street food was originally prepared: using farm fresh ingredients, & freshly ground spices and herbs that bring out the robust flavors of the cuisine. With delicacies from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan and the Philippines, the menu has low-calorie, vegan and gluten-free options, while preserving the authentic goodness of each dish. All the food, even fried dishes like our Korean Spicy Chicken wings, is made with heart-healthy oils such as light extra virgin olive oil, canola, sunflower and peanut.

Owned & operated by Rakshay Dhariwal and Radhika Dhariwal, the brother-sister duo behind the multi-award winning cocktail bar, PCO (Pass Code Only), and private members club À Ta Maison (ATM), Pings Café Orient promises to be fun and casual, yet urbane and chic. The interiors bring together modern street elements for a playful and lively environment that is perfect for any occasion, be it a date, a casual dinner with family (with kid friendly meals), or a celebration of any kind.

With PCO and ATM as sister companies, cocktails are central to the Ping's experience. In addition, several healthy no-added sugar mocktails and cocktails using tender coconut water, onsite pressed juices and smoothies and much more. There is also a small beer garden, reminiscent of Vietnamese Bia Hoi, where you can unwind on a long, communal table.

All in all, Ping's Café Orient is something new and fresh in New Delhi with its focus on healthy food for everyone.
For more information, Ping us at +919999447977.