Reset Mondays

Worried about eating unhealthy food outside? Fret no more, we've got you covered. At Ping's Cafe Orient, eating healthy has become a real piece of cake (pun absolutely intended)!

We are excited to introduce Reset Mondays at Ping's, by demonstrating an easy way to start your week with a fresh and healthy mindset through our specially curated weekly "reset" menu. We've preserved the authentic goodness of each dish, while serving up a super healthy menu - complete with calorie counts & diet recommendations. Moreover, to encourage the health enthusiast in each of you, we will be offering patrons who can show that they have achieved over 10,000 steps for the day (either on their Fitbits or on their phone's health apps); a 10% discount on their total bill, as well as offers on health and wellness treatments with our strategic partners.

With PCO and ATM as sister companies, drinks are obviously central to the Ping's experience. We have several healthy beverage options including "no sugar" ingredients such as coconut water, fresh fruit juice, our signature 'reset' detox drink, kombucha, and even some low-guilt, low ABV cocktails & wheat beers. We believe that eating healthy is all about enjoying what you eat; and we want it to be easy for you to satisfy your cravings while being good to your body. So, join us and celebrate being healthy and wholesome, every Monday at Ping's Cafe Orient!